Bacon for World Peace

For decades there has been serious tension in the middle east. Constantly the Palestinians and Israelis are at each others throats. The conflict is centuries old and a solution seems to be no where in sight. Political and social leaders from around the world have tried and failed, time and time again, to ease the tension. But some times, the cause and the solution of a problem can be so obvious that it’s overlooked by even the greatest minds. The true key to peace is bacon.

First of all, neither the Muslims nor the Jews eat bacon. No wonder they want to blow each other up. I can’t even imagine living life without the crispy, crackly, goodness that is bacon. Honestly, go have a delicious BLT and then tell me you feel like fighting.
Bacon also has the ability to bring people together like nothing else. Just go into the kitchen with a house full of people and start cooking some bacon. As soon as the sensual smell of savory bacon wisps though the house, everyone will wander into the kitchen for one reason or another.

My theory may sound illogical, but bacon in itself is illogical. It’s the nutritional equivalent of arsenic. It clogs your arteries and makes you fat. Yet we still crave it like crack. A pig is a filthy animal that wallows in it’s own feces and is genetically one step up the evolutionary ladder from a rat. But we overlook that too, whenever we hear the melodic sound of bacon frying in a pan.

So next time Palestinian and Israeli leaders sit down to negotiate a truce, just put a heaping pile of delicious bacon in between them. Who has time to order suicide bombers when you’re stuffing your face with bacon. The power of bacon is universal and undeniable. Not only can it bring about world peace but it’s good for just about everything. If you need more proof check out this gallery devoted to the wonder that is bacon.

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  1. Don 12/19/2012 at 11:59 AM #

    I shall celebrate with bacon candy: Bake (don’t broil) bacon on a brelior pan at high heat, after having first sprinkled the bacon with lots of coarse-ground black pepper and lots of brown sugar. When it’s crisp, it’s ready cool slightly first, or you’ll burn yourself with the molten sugar.And you really do need the pepper as well as the sugar, even if it sounds like an odd combination.

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